June 07, 2018

The North Face Starts New Line of Refurbished Coats

 the north face renewed


 It seems that lately, The North Face has been focusing more on sustainability.  We recently posted about their new T-shirt line made of plastic bottles.  Now they are back with another great idea, refurbished apparel.  We've heard the word refurbished often when it comes to technology such as laptops and phones, but it's rarely used in the fashion industry.  Their new apparel line is actually called "RENEWED" and their tagline is "Refurbished clothing remade to explore". The project is based around taking defective and returned garments and repairing them for re-sell. The line includes an array of items such as jackets, shorts, hoodies, coats, and shirts.  Besides the sustainability aspect of it all, the pricing may capture the attention of many people as the items are a bit cheaper than the regular items on their shop.  Check out their Renewed online shop HERE


north face refurbished