September 10, 2020

Shut Up and Dribble No More

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 Shut up and dribble is a phrase Laura Ingraham used when addressing Lebron when he criticized Trump back in 2018. This year, more issues have arisen from police brutality to racism and microaggressions. It's clear that NBA players want to use their voice, from multiple talks inside the bubble, to interviews and messages displayed on t-shirts and shoes. Why is it important for athletes to have a voice? Athletes are looked at as hero’s to many kids, and with the NBA having approximately 80% people of color, young black kids need to see someone that looks like them speaking on what’s going on right now. 

We are past the day of dehumanizing athletes. We are past the day of athletes not being activists. On August 26th, NBA players decided to boycott games in the bubble, shortly after they resumed and the messaging continued.  Players realize their advantage in having not only a platform to speak up but also with many of them having huge social media followings. We’ve heard multiple players speak up on the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor as well as other countless injustices due to police brutality. 

“Shut up and Dribble No More” is a phrase to combat the idea that athletes don't have voices. Tommy Verdell, Associate Athletic Director at Williams College and Jonah Herscu, Advanced Scout for the Sacramento Kings approached us about making the idea come to life on our hemp shirts we knew immediately it was aligned with Superego’s mission. Jonah says “It is very encouraging and inspiring to see athletes using their platform to raise awareness on these issues. They have such a following, so it is great to see them bringing the necessary attention to issues such as racial inequality and voting.  At the end of the day, we are all people. Athletes included. We are seeing that more lately, and it is empowering to witness athletes recognizing their platform and using their voice in a positive manner, to really help create change”.  

We couldn’t agree more. The Shut Up and Dribble Shirts are player exclusive only, however if you would like to be put on the waitlist and be first to get one of these exclusive shirts click HERE to sign up to our email list. We hope these shirts can help inspire change and truly let NBA players know we hear them!

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shut up and dribble no more

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