September 20, 2020

Wama Organic Underwear: Made with Hemp

 hemp underwear


 Underwear is an important aspect of an outfit. Having comfortable underwear or sexy underwear can influence how we feel about ourselves. On the flip side, having itchy or uncomfortable underwear can also affect how we feel about ourselves. Wearing comfortable underwear that you feel good in is an absolute game-changer. It boosts your confidence and more importantly, your privates will thank you.

There are several materials used to produce underwear. The most popular of them would be cotton which is soft to the touch and allows proper circulation of air. However, most underwear aren't made of cotton, at least not completely. This is where polyester comes in. You see, cotton is quite expensive and as a plant, it will go through several rounds of pesticide and insecticides to protect the plant. These things protect the plants but they're not necessarily good for humans.

Polyester on the other hand is a synthetic fiber. It's not a plant therefore you don't have to worry about pesticides and the likes. However, polyester is sourced from petroleum products and while this may not be terrible for you, it's certainly horrible for the environment. The mass-scale production of polyester and cotton is horrible for the environment. The consistent use of pesticides and insecticides not only harms the environment but also the animals around that environment. This may feel like a problem that doesn't concern you but it does because we in turn eat those animals (with the exception of plant-based people). Let's move on to silk which is gotten from silkworms. Not only do silkworms die in the production of silk, but silk also creates more water waste and emits more greenhouse gases than its counterparts.

Do not be alarmed, it is almost impossible to be free from the fashion industry however there are ways to reduce your ecological footprint and opt for more eco-friendly and possibly ethical options. In a nutshell, there are two things you can do. The first one would be to shop second hand but some people don't like that and it can be quite unnerving to purchase second-hand underwear so the next option would be to purchase eco-friendly options. A good material is hemp.

When we say hemp, we don't mean the plant. Actually, we do but not in the way you're envisioning. Hemp clothes are a fantastic alternative for other materials like silk, cotton, and polyester. When processed into fabrics, hemp fabrics feel like a mix between cotton and a canvas board. The fiber is sourced from the stems of cannabis sativa plants. Hemp fabrics are used to make shirts, skirts, trousers, tote bags, and more recently underwear. Hemp is noticeably easier on the environment for several reasons.

  • It is much easier to produce hemp fabrics sustainably because the hemp plant is eco-friendly.
  • Hemp is good for the soil because it grows fast and it needs little water.
  • Hemp can grow almost anywhere. This is a huge bonus because most plants are native to a certain area which means more space will be created to produce these plants on a massive scale. This is detrimental to the environment because it not only reduces biodiversity it also displaces animals away from their habitat.
  • As earlier mentioned, hemp fabrics do not use much water, therefore, it doesn't contaminate the water supply i.e streams, river, etc.

Moving on the actual material, hemp fabrics also hold many benefits including:

  • Hemp fabrics are easier to dye. Dye is essentially a chemical therefore the easier a fabric is to dye, the better.
  • Hemp is resistant to mildew and mold.
  • Hemp fabrics are usually antimicrobial. This means it inhibits the growth of microorganisms like bacterias that cause disease.
  • Hemp fabrics are easy to handwash and do not need dry-cleaning.
  • Hemp fabrics breathe well and release perspiration which is very necessary for underwear.
  • Hemp fabrics are usually very durable and strong.


Now that we know the benefits of hemp fabrics we can move on to the bulk of our discussion: hemp underwear. What exactly is hemp underwear and why should you opt for it?


Hemp underwear is simply underwear produced using hemp fabrics. As aforementioned, underwear has to be comfortable and has to make you feel comfortable. Hemp underwear is a great choice if these are two qualities you look for while underwear shopping. While discussing the benefits of the hemp fabric, we mentioned some points that are especially important while selecting good underwear. Now that you know all the details, why should you start wearing hemp underwear? Here are some reasons why.


  • Hemp underwear takes easy to dye and holds the color for longer. Your hemp underwear will last much longer with the color intact. So, your underwear looks great and you rest assured that no fossil fuels have been used in the production of your hemp underwear.
  • Hemp underwear like hemp fabric is easy to care for. If you have a stain on your hemp underwear, you can sprinkle some laundry soap on the affected spot and let it sit for 10 to 12 minutes. Rinse off then wash properly.
  • Hemp fabric grows softer with use. New hemp clothes are usually a mix of cotton and canvas, with time they get softer, and who doesn't like the feel of soft clothes against their skin?
  • Hemp underwear will inhibit the growth and spread of bacteria plus you don't have to worry about mildew or mold growing.
  • Last but definitely not least, hemp is a very breathable fabric. This means that hemp underwear don't block the air from reaching your skin. It is important to let our privates breathe however some people may not have the chance especially if they have to work long hours, hemp underwear gives everyone that chance.
  • In addition to the previous point, hemp underwear is perfect for those who sweat a lot. If your constant sweating has caused darker spots, peeling skin, or just chafing around your genitals, try out hemp underwear. Hemp underwear absorbs and releases sweat easily and quickly.

Hemp underwear is great for you and the environment, try them out today. If you're at a loss of which brand to try, try out WAMA underwear. WAMA Underwear is stylish, affordable, and eco-friendly hemp underwear. WAMA Underwear offers a variety of styles. For men, we will have the men’s boxer briefs and boxers. For the women, we will have thongs and high-waisted.  Shop for WAMA Hemp Underwear HERE