September 20, 2020

Mika Concepts: Hemp BodyCare Solutions


mika concepts hemp solutions


 The human body is a marvel. All our cells work in tandem to keep us alive. Our organs perform their duties without any command or special prompts from us. Our bodies work tirelessly and constantly to keep us alive and healthy, even while we rest our bodies don't stop working. It is important that we take care of our bodies and help it help us.


Your skin is your largest organ and just as we avoid large amounts of cholesterol to take care of our hearts, and avoid smoking to care for our lungs we also need to take care of our skin. Unfortunately, there are so many skin products that are misleading and downright harmful. In case you're wondering what these products look like they usually have words like "lightening", "anti-aging", "anti-cellulite" or even "breast or glute growing serums." All these products are lying to you. They don't tell you the truth and in most cases, they don't work. Lightening creams are easily the most harmful of the bunch. They have harmful chemicals in large amounts that are actually banned in most countries. One of those chemicals is mercury which is actually toxic. If you think that skin bleaching creams aren't dangerous because it has the word "natural" in the title then you're very wrong. First off, in countries where such products aren't regulated, brands can get away with naming their products literally anything. Secondly, mercury is a naturally-occurring chemical, therefore, it's technically natural but so is botulinum toxin which is easily one of the deadliest chemicals. It is biologically natural just like mercury but that doesn't mean it's safe.


Moving on, the skin deserves proper care and in this case less is more. For beginners, an SPF cream and a moisturizer is a great combo to start with. There's absolutely no need to follow convoluted thirty step procedures that are completely unnecessary and a waste of time. Your skin does not need hours and hours of intense scrubs to look good, it naturally does that itself however with the rapid growth of industrialization our skins have to deal with a changing diet, hotter sun, and more pollution, this is why skincare has become more necessary.


Skincare is important for several reasons and we'll gloss over a few of them.


  • Confidence - Having clear skin helps with confidence. If you have clearer skin, there's a bigger chance you'll opt-out of wearing makeup and more importantly, it'll help you feel more comfortable in your own skin.


  • Skincare is a great way to introduce self-care into your life. The world moves at a very fast pace so it is important to have routines that help you unwind and relax.


  • Having a good skincare routine does help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Although wrinkles are nothing to be ashamed of, a great skincare regiment can help give you smoother skin.



Now here are a few reasons why natural skincare is better.


  • Natural skincare does not contain the harmful chemicals used in most skincare products. Chemicals like mercury are absent in natural skincare.


  • Natural skincare is easier for the skin to handle and metabolize.


  • Natural skincare is better for the environment because it doesn't use fossil fuel or petroleum oil which are the top causes of pollution.


  • Natural skincare products do not contain preservatives or what is called "filler products" used to make the product last longer or look fancy.


Hemp skincare is natural skincare. This is when ingredients readily available in nature are used in creating topical creams and lotions. Hemp is a very natural product from the cannabis sativa plant. It is safe, it is eco-friendly and it is fossil-fuel-free. Natural skincare products often include oils and simple scrubs which are all options available in most hemp skincare brands. Research has shown that hemp oil and CBD oil already have several benefits such as antioxidants, improvement of sleep, reducing feelings of anxiety, and increasing feelings of ease. Hemp seed oil on its own is great for skin because it does not clog the pores of your skin. It helps balance out moisture in your skin, helps with oily skin, and reduce acne.  Other hemp seed oil products include hemp seed lotions, hemp seed scrubs such as the hemp seed sugar scrub, hemp seed creams and even hemp seed candles.


Mika concepts is a natural skincare brand committed to providing high-quality natural skincare products. They also include all ingredients used in their products on their site. Some of their products include:


  • Hemp Seed Hand and Body Lotions: Mika concepts hemp seed hand and body lotions are made with hemp seed oil extract. These are all plants and natural organic items that are safe and trustworthy. Their hemp seed lotions are great for your hands. They come in several fragrances, there is wild vanilla ginger and guava colada amongst others and for those who prefer no fragrance, their hemp seed lotions also come fragrance-free.


  • Hemp Seed Sugar Scrub: This hemp seed sugar scrub is all organic. Mika concepts' hemp seed sugar scrub is made with hemp extracts, shea butter, aloe vera, camu camu, and ginseng extracts. This hemp seed sugar scrub will leave your face cool and supple. It comes in up to five fragrances including a fragrance-free alternative. If you're a fan of scrubs try out Mika concepts' hemp seed sugar scrub.


  • Soy Candles: If you're a fan of hemp seed candles then you'll love Mika concepts' soy candles. These candles come in up to six different fragrances. The wild vanilla ginger-soy hemp seed candle, the naked in the wood soy candle, and the midnight jasmine soy candle are just some of the fragrances available on their site. Hemp seed candles are great for diffusing hemp seed oil if you don't have a diffuser. You can light the candle during a yoga practice, during a sound bath call, and when you need to relax and wind down. Hemp seed candles are a great way to fill the air of your room or apartment with the benefits of the hemp seed oil. While hemp seed candles are not direct skincare products, the presence of the hemp seed oil in the air is beneficial for your skin.


Mika Concepts Natural skincare is an affordable brand that provides organic natural hemp seed products of good quality. If you're searching for a hemp seed skincare company, search no more. Mika Concepts Natural Hemp skincare products are available now in our shop, click HERE to shop!