April 25, 2018

The North Face Makes T-Shirts out of Plastic Bottles

 north face plastic collection


 We would like to unofficially coin the term "Earth Week" and keep the 'go green' wave going.  In doing so, today we have another company who is helping with the plastic waste problem... North Face.  The North Face brand is known for mainly making outdoor apparel such as hats, jackets, and gloves.  Their new line of apparel, however, is a collection of T-shirts made from single-use plastic waste. After seeing a problem with plastic waste at some National Parks in the U.S., they decided to collect approximately 160,000 pounds of plastics and transform them into apparel. After collected, the bottles are ground, melted, and spun into thread which is blended with cotton for a softer and more comfortable fit.  Check out the short animated video below released by The North Face.  We commend them and hope to hear from more brands that are becoming woke to the global plastic pollution problem!