August 28, 2018

Giant Floating Pipes Help Remove Ocean Plastics

ocean clean up pipe


  It seems as if ocean plastic waste is the talk everywhere now and for good reason.  The amount of plastics that are polluting our oceans is disturbing.  We've posted about many people coming up with solutions to this problem; as of recent, certain states and countries have been banning plastic bags.  Other companies and establishments have been getting rid of plastic straws.  These are both great solutions to a big problem, but what about the plastics that have already polluted the ocean?  How do we clean it up?  Well, people have also been brainstorming on ways to do this as well.  Recently we posted about a 6th Grader who created a device to detect ocean micro-plastics. Back in April, we posted about a Giant Plastic Collector being sent to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  Well, this giant plastic collector is even closer to becoming a reality.  They have tested it out and are making final changes in order to begin the huge cleanup. The system involves large floating pipes that are powered by the wind and currents. The pipes and filters gather plastic waste that is close to and below the surface of the water as it moves.  The huge system is expected to clean up 50% of the garbage patch within 5 years.  Check out the video below to learn more about the ocean cleanup and to see it in action!