April 26, 2017

Yoga in Superego

Yoga In Superego


Hey All,

I am here to tell you about my experience with my Superego hemp Tee. Superego creates streetwear that is sustainable comfortable, and lightweight, There are a variety of shirt options some with designs and some plain tees, but I chose the Kale Green Corporate Dropout Hemp Tee. These hemp shirts make a great addition to any look, are perfect for every activity, and honestly a staple during every season!


What’s one of your favorite things about committing to a healthier lifestyle? Besides becoming healthier, and possibly an overall happier person.   

Well for me, it’s finding clothes that feel, fit, and look good. I have a dedicated yoga practice both on and off the mat, but it’s always tough finding clothes that don’t distract me while I’m in an asana. So, I put my Corporate Dropout tee to the test, and it passed, exceeding my expectations! I wore the shirt while practicing backbends, flows, forward bends, and a few balancing poses. My shirt barely got in my way; it was nice not having to worry too much about adjusting the shirt, which helped me practice with great intent and focus.  


The hemp tee is breathable, stylish, and comfortable. I believe that the shirt adjusts to body temperature because while wearing the shirt I never felt too hot or too cold. I even wore the shirt during my Karma Yogi shift. Some Yoga studios offer a Karma Yogi program, where a student receives free or discounted classes in exchange for volunteering. During, my shift I clean three yoga studios inside an old brownstone, so that means a lot of up and down stairs, sweeping, mopping, and all necessary cleaning tasks. In other words, I was doing a lot of work, and I wasn’t all sweaty and gross. Not saying I didn’t get hot, but for how much work I was doing I stayed cool.




Honestly, my Corporate Dropout tee is the most comfortable shirt I own because of how breathable it is. If I’m able to practice and do hard work in the tee, then I’m sure it will be perfect for upcoming festivals and summer shenanigans. The Superego hemp tees are a must have, especially considering they are made sustainably! Fun Fact: producing hemp-based clothing saves 50% water compared to creating a single cotton t-shirt.


Have you been enjoying your Superego Hemp Tees? Let me know!


- Felicia



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