January 24, 2018

The World's First Floating Kitchen



 The concept of a food truck is an innovative one.  Sometimes you don't have time to go to a restaurant or store to have a sit-down meal.  On your commute, lunch break, or even a late night out you can simply walk up to a food truck and grab a quick meal.  Well, the 

Aquatic Architects Design Studio has come up with a similar concept, but with a twist.  They have made the Aqua Pod, which they claim is the world's first floating kitchen.  The Aqua Pod is said to be available later this month in Dubai.  It will allow those using marine crafts such as jet ski riders to drive right up and grab some food.  The Aqua Pod is said to even have a built-in system to manage trash in the ocean as well, keeping the water clean from those who litter after their meals.  Check it out below!