April 13, 2017

This Wireless Keyboard has a Retro Typewriter Design



 There are wireless keyboards in abundance; in fact, this very post is being typed on a wireless keyboard.  Very few cater, however, to the individual looking for a nostalgic feel.  If you've ever typed on a typewriter, you know there is a certain satisfaction that comes with banging away on those tactile keys.  Well, "Elretron Penna" recreates that feel. It's a wireless retro keyboard that has the design of a typewriter.  Starting as low as $99, you can own your very own wireless typewriter.  Whether or not you've ever used a typewriter before, Elretron Penna is a nice little keyboard that comes in a bunch of different styles and colors, even in wood!  Check out their website here, and watch the video below to learn more about the recently kickstarter funded project! 


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