October 27, 2016

Why Black Mirror is the Perfect Show for this Halloween


 Halloween is approaching fast and everyone is preparing.  The decorations are up, the candy is bought, and costumes are selling out.  But Halloween isn't Halloween without the perfect scary movie/show to watch.  "Black Mirror" is a British TV show that has been around since 2011 but has gained popularity as Netflix has released the third season.  Although Black Mirror isn't technically categorized as Horror, it has hints of it.  It's actually a sci-fi show in which each episode is like its own short film (sort of like a modern day 'Twilight Zone').  Black Mirror explores many different themes, but a reoccurring one in the third season is how technology could be the downfall of man.  The concepts that are explored are mainly terrifying because they seem like they could feasibly occur in real life.  The science fiction that Black Mirror explores could be more real than fiction in the near future.  So if you're looking for an "intellectual scare" this Halloween, load up your Netflix account and give the third season of Black Mirror a try. Check out the trailer below for a sneak preview.