November 14, 2018

What's Inside a $3 Million Luxury Doomsday Bunker

 pool in doomsday bunker


 When you think of a doomsday bunker, what may come to mind first are big metal walls and doors, no sunlight, and dried food. A doomsday bunker may not seem like the most appealing place to live, but "What's Inside" gives us an inside look into a luxury bunker that is more like a vacation getaway.  The $3 million bunker formerly housed a huge missile in the 60's but was torn down and re-created as a doomsday bunker. Inside there are all types of entertainment and amenities including a movie theatre, a bar, a rock-climbing wall, and even a classroom equipped with multiple computers.  Check out the footage below to get a literal inside look into the doomsday bunker!