November 07, 2017

Watch this Glass Maker Create Mini-Universes


 The concepts of Universes are so hard to grasp sometimes.  Mainly because they are so huge and expansive. As humans as we go through our daily lives, its hard to fathom how small we are in relation to a universe.  Many thinkers argue that we ourselves are universes and that everything is interconnected.  Generally speaking however, Universes are usually portrayed as huge and vast.  It may seem ironic to imagine a miniature version of a Universe, but its been done.  In fact, even in the Movie "Men in Black", the cat has a Universe attached to it's collar!  Similar to this, glass maker Colin Linkoln, creates his own mini-universes.  The process seems very meticulous, but it seems he has become an expert at it.  Check out the impressive footage he released of the process below!