May 02, 2018

Watch this Deleted Scene from 'Black Panther'


 With all the hype surrounding "Avengers: Infinity War", the hype of "The Black Panther" is starting to finally die down a bit.  Regardless, Marvel has been on a roll doing insane numbers in the box office with their last two films.  Now.. there won't be any spoilers for Avengers: Infinity Wars in this post, but if you haven't seen Black Panther yet you should stop reading now.  USA Today just released a deleted scene that Ryan Coogler decided to share with the people.  The scene takes place shortly after Prince T'Challa was thrown from the Warrior Falls by Killmonger. It is a tense moment between Okoye and W’Kabi, who were married in the film. Although the scene didn't make the movie, it is a powerful moment to watch nonetheless. Check it out below!