May 05, 2017

Utah Plans to Build $5 Million 'Wildlife Bridge'



 There are always certain areas where you will see a lot of road kill.  Sometimes when highways intersect very wooded areas it can cause an issue with animals being hit by cars.  In Utah for instance, there is a 13-mile span along the I-80 highway where it is highly concentrated by animals; over 100 animals were killed by cars last year alone.  Not only does the highway pose a threat for animals, but also drivers.  To try to solve the problem, Utah built a mile long fence along the highway.  While this lessened the amount of animal deaths, it still didn't solve the problem.  Most animals simply walked till the fence stopped then tried to cross the highway.  The newest solution is a wildlife bridge.  This would allow animals to safely cross the highway without having to worry about speeding vehicles.  While the design isn't official yet, it seems that the Utah government is serious about building this $5 million overpass.  Hopefully this is a more effective solution to keep animals and drivers safe. Check it out below!



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