August 10, 2018

US Hemp Sales Reached Record-Breaking $820M in 2017

 hemp plant 2018


 The demand for hemp products in the US has continued to rise over the years and the numbers are there to back it up.  Hemp Business Journal recently reported that last year sales of hemp products in the US reached $820 Million.  This whopping number has a lot to do with the growing demand for CBD related products in the US.  In their hemp sales breakdown, they report that CBD accounts for 23% of sales, followed by personal care (22%), Industrial use (18%), food (16%), textiles (13%), and others (8%).  As laws and regulations around hemp continue to subside, the journal predicts that sales of hemp in the US could reach $1 Billion as early as 2019.  We hope that the hemp industry continues to grow and we vow to continue to do our part to raise awareness of the plant in order to reverse the stigma. Stay Sustained!

hemp sales 2017