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Uber Helicopter Rolling out in NYC and Other Cities

08 Oct, 2019

Uber Helicopter Rolling out in NYC and Other Cities



 Since 2011, Uber has innovated the way people look at transportation.  Uber made getting a ride somewhere super easy.  A rider simply puts their location and where they'd like to go via the app and in a few minutes a driver is on their way to pick them up.  Now, Uber has added another element to its app, the Uber helicopter.  Uber users in New York City can now take a helicopter trip by ordering it through the app. A helicopter trip from Downtown Manhattan to JFK will take under 10 minutes. If you live in NYC or a similar populated city, you know how difficult traffic can be getting to and from the airport or other various places, especially during rush hour.  The Uber copter will help riders avoid roads and get to their destination faster.

Uber Copter comes with a cost though; a one-way uber trip roughly costs up to $225.  Of course, just like with uber car trips, the prices vary depending on how busy Uber Copter is. Uber is looking to expand the Uber Copter service to other cites besides NYC.  Stay tuned for more news on this; it's exciting to see how transportation is changing over the years. Who knows what will come next! 


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