April 11, 2018

Uber buys 'JUMP', a Dockless Electric Bike Startup



 Modes of shared bike and scooter transportation have been slowly increasing in city areas.  Most of us remember when all those blue Citi bikes hit the streets.  Prevalent in NYC, the bikes were lined in rows and docked on the curb.  Now there are electric scooters and bikes hitting the streets with no docks at all.  These electric vehicles simply require you to have an app to pay for and unlock them. "Jump", for instance, is prevalent in San Francisco and has dropped 15,000 bikes into 40 different markets and has clocked over 5 million rides over the past 4 years.  This type of ease of transportation is a threat to companies like Uber, which is why they have decided to buy Jump.  Either way, if the trend is leaning towards cleaner and cheaper transportation, I'm all for it! Check out Jump and stay tuned as I'm sure similar companies will start hitting a street near you.