June 19, 2017

Twilight: Solar Inflatable Light Cube [Review]


 As I walked through the Green Festival NYC venue, I saw a bunch of booths that drew my attention.  One in particular caught my eye and I just had to stop.  The 'Twilight' booth had an array of light cubes powered by solar energy.  The concept is very simple, but genius.  It's a portable and collapsable cube that gives you light on the go.  Although the light is perfect for camping, trips, or use around your live or work space, the cube was originally designed for those with lack of resources.  The cube needs only light from the sun to be charged, so it can easily be a light source for those with lack of electricity.

 Since Green Festival, I have been using my light cube daily.  I charge it all day, and at night I use it as sort of a night light in my room as I am heading to sleep.  This allows me to save electricity and virtually not need a lamp in my room anymore.  Although I have been using the cube for just a short amount of time, I can see myself using it in multiple occasions, specifically traveling.  It is very convenient and can easily fit in a backpack or a pocket.  I also like the fact that there are different light settings; red, blinking red, low-light white, and high-light white.  I can't speak for the longevity of the cube since I have just started using it, but I will say it's a convenient and nifty device, and I recommend it.  Greatest part about it is that you can grab one for under 20 bucks! Check out some images below and purchase it here!