September 13, 2016

To Film or Not to Film Pt. 1: Acts of Kindness



 In an age where every phone has a camera and everything is film worthy, sometimes we have to take a step back and ask ourselves; "Should I be filming this?".  To Film or Not to Film is a blog series from Superego that discusses exactly that; moments that deserve to be experienced and not filmed.  Let's dive into Part 1 of the series, "Acts of Kindness".

 And let's begin with this video:   


  A girl sacrifices her meal to give to a homeless person.  A kind act, yes; but did the unfortunate gentleman want to be filmed?  Did they ask permission?  Are they racking up youtube views at his expense? Sometimes I wonder are these filmed "acts of kindness" genuine or are they orchestrated so people can have a good story to tell to their friends and facebook acquaintances.  Either way, the video sends a good message; young kids should learn about sharing and giving to those less fortunate.  In a digital age, videos like this are beneficial to instill some positive values to a seemingly selfish generation.  To Film or Not to Film? I'll let you guys decide.  A random act of kindness is always a good thing, let's just hope that these filmed acts of kindness aren't actually motivated by ulterior motives