March 06, 2017

Timberland x Thread: Turning Plastic Bottles into Shoes & Bags



 Timberland has been known for its durable and also stylish outerwear.  Around winter time you can be sure to see many people breaking out their Timberland boots to combat the cold weather.  Now, Timberland has decided to take a more sustainable approach to their designs; and while I'm sure they won't be making every product they have eco-friendly, their new collaboration brings awareness to a specific issue. They have collaborated with the company "Thread" which is a sustainable fabric company that collects plastic bottles in Haiti and turns them into a usable material.  This company is not only providing jobs in Haiti, but also cleaning up plastic waste.  Timberland has decided to use Thread's materials to build some stylish new products! Check them out below as well as a short video describing the process.