December 15, 2016

This Virtual Home Robot is Slightly Creepy but Impressive


 With the advancement of interactive technology, it's pretty intriguing that most of the voices that are used as digital personal assistants such as Siri and Alexa are defaulted as female.  Maybe it's because a female voice is more calming, or maybe its that programmers have some weird obsession with digital females.  Either way, Gatebox introduces another digital female assistant; the Virtual Home Robot is actually a projection of a cartoon female character that is made to help you out throughout the day.  Gatebox claims to be the "world's first virtual home robot", and claims that you can spend the day with your "favorite character" (implying there are more than one). Their release video includes a lonely guy who comes home from work and is happy to have "somebody" waiting for him.  It feels almost like the movie "Her" with Joaquin Phoenix, in which he falls in love with a siri-type character.  I must admit though, creepiness aside, it looks pretty cool. Check out the demo below to see it in action!