August 30, 2019

This Runner Makes Art with his GPS Routes

 lenny strava running art


 Many runners now a days use apps and GPS to track their run and route.  There are many different apps to do this, and once the run is done there is usually a colorful line that shows the exact route the runner took. Well one runner, Lenny Maughan, took this tracking to the next level.  He decided to start making running art with his GPS tracked running routes using the app Strava.  He's made everything from hearts and dogs to a complex portrait of Frida Kahlo. Some of his running art pieces can be as long as a marathon and take hours to finish.  In a way he has become a human etch-a-sketch of some sort. To him, it's a hobby and he enjoys creating the art pieces; he's even amassed somewhat of a fan-base in the running community.  He plans to continue creating his pieces and sharing it with people around the world. Check out the video below from Now This to see Lenny in action!