February 10, 2017

This Robotic Pizza Company Cooks Your Pizza En Route to Your House


 A few days ago we posted about a robot that draws huge pictures in the sand.  Today we are back with another robot, well... more than one.  Zume Pizza Company has an integrated robotic system that prepares pizza.  The entire pizza system requires 2 humans and 3 robots.  First, a human prepares the dough.  Next, a robot dispenses the perfect amount of sauce.  Thirdly, a robot spreads the sauce evenly.  Then, the second human adds toppings and adjusts any imperfections.  Lastly, a robot carefully places the uncooked pizza into the oven.  The company only cooks the pizza partially at the Zume location, because they would like for your pizza to stay hot.  During the delivery, the pizza gets cooked fully on the delivery truck when it is almost arriving to your residence.  Some system right?! Check it out in action below!