January 15, 2018

This Mini Rain Forest Filters Water in a Unique Way


  Nowadays, people are very particular about their water.  Many people opt not to drink tap, but rather drink bottled water or use filters to clean the water.  Many of us are lucky enough to have clear running water, but we still like to ensure our water is completely filtered. Brita is one of the most popular filters, coming in a few different forms, direct to faucet or filtered pitcher.  Pratik Ghosh is a designer who came up with a new and unique way to filter water; through his mini rainforest design.  The small rainforest is contained in a glass enclosure and uses evaporation to filter out impurities.  You simply pour the water into a spout and wait.  The process is long as it only filters about 3/4 of a cup of water a day, but it sure is innovative.  Maybe as later versions of the mini rainforest are developed, the process will be able to be sped up.  Check it out in action below!