July 17, 2017

This Kid's Clothing Line Grows with Your Child


 The fashion industry is a global multi-billion dollar industry, with thousands of brands mass-producing clothing every single day.  For the most part, many of these companies are focused on quick profit and not really thinking about the negative effects of their textile production.  Some companies however are aware of the harmful effects of the textile industry and how much waste is created. Petit Pli is one of these companies.  The brand was started by Ryan Yasin who saw a problem with children clothes going to waste.  Instead of constantly having to buy clothes every time your child outgrows outfits, Petit Pli grows with your child.  The expandable material is water and wind-resistant and can stand up to the active lifestyle of children. The idea is genius and will help parents save money and help eliminate wastefulness!  Check it out below!


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