September 16, 2019

This Juicer 3D-prints BioPlastic Cups From Orange Peels

 circular orange juicer peel


 The "Feel the Peel" juicer is probably one of the most impressive and innovative juicers you will ever see.  The juicer functions on a zero-waste model.  Oranges are loaded into the top of the machine, and when a customer is ready it will cut the orange in half and juice it. The peels of the orange are then dropped to the bottom of the machine. What's so special about this juicer is that it re-uses the orange peels that are dropped. The peels that accumulate at the bottom are dried, milled and mixed with Polylactic Acid, which converts them into a bioplastic material. This material is then heated and melted into a filament.  The filament is used in the built-in 3D printer that creates the cups that the orange juice is poured into.  A whole process that uses the entirety of the orange; very impressive! Could juicers like this be the future?  We certainly think so; the zero-waste process is definitely environmentally friendly and eliminates the use of plastic single-use cups.  Watch the video below to the see the process!