October 25, 2017

This Giant Octopus Sculpture Serves as an Artificial Coral Reef


 Coral reefs are home to about 25% of all marine life on the planet, but they are in danger daily.  Many factors including pollution, climate-change, and overfishing are big threats to coral reefs.  Not too long ago, we posted about how subway cars are being dumped in the ocean to create artificial coral reefs.  Well now, another artificial reef was just created; this time in the form of a giant octopus constructed with metal and wire.  As artistically sculpted this octopus is, it was sunk attached to a giant ship in order to create a new home for marine life off the British Virgin Islands.  This giant sculpture along with the old ship is collaboration between the English Photographer Owen Buggy , the group of artists Secret Samurai Productions and Organizations  Unite BVI , Maverick1000 and  Beneath the Waveswho work to safeguard oceans. Check out the making and the sinking of the giant octopus below!