August 14, 2018

This Drone Swims Through Water to Collect Trash

 waste shark


 We just posted about how New Zealand is banning all plastic bags, now we are back with more great news concerning plastic waste.  This time it is about a device that can help clean up plastics that have already been deposited into the water. The WasteShark is a nifty little drone that autonomously swims through the water while collecting plastics on the surface of the water.  The drone is inspired by the Whale Shark and can swim up to 8 hours while collecting trash into the large opening in the front of the device. The WasteShark can also remove algae from the surface of the water allowing more sunlight to pass through. In addition, it has sensors that can detect and send critical info about the depth, salinity, chemical makeup, ph balance, and temperature of the water.  The WasteShark may be a micro solution to a macro problem, but it is helping to get us one step closer to cleaner waters. Check out the video below to see the WasteShark in action!