February 03, 2017

This Digital Artist Shows His Impressive Photoshop Retouching Skills


 Graphic design and digital art has advanced so much over the past few decades.  We're at a point in time where if you come across a picture online, you have to really analyze and ask yourself "is this photoshopped".  Photoshop has changed the game on how people edit and enhance pictures. It was originally released in 1990, but since then it has made leaps and bounds in terms of software advancements.  Max Asabin is a digital artist who utilizes these advancements in impressive ways.  His photoshop pieces are truly and literally works of art! When you put the original photo next to the final photo, it is awe-inspiring.  Check out some of the photos below and make sure to check Max's work out on his instagram page and on Deviantart.