May 08, 2018

This Device Purifies Water with Paper!

 researchers paper water purifier


 Sometimes, but not always, taking a simple approach is better.  The researchers at the University of Buffalo for instance have developed a way to purify water using a device that only requires sunlight and black carbon-dipped paper. The device is minimalistic and very convenient, allowing it to be deployed in areas that are without clean drinking water. 

The paper is arranged in a triangular formation, which allows it to vaporize and absorb water with almost 100 percent efficiency. The lead researcher 

Qiaoqiang Gan explains that 

“Usually, when solar energy is used to evaporate water, some of the energy is wasted as heat is lost to the surrounding environment,” “This makes the process less than 100 percent efficient. Our system has a way of drawing heat in from the surrounding environment, allowing us to achieve near-perfect efficiency.” Check out the device below!


paper purifier