February 22, 2018

This Creative Makes Tiny Origami Daily

 mini origami white on rice


 For many people, once we start a task or hobby it may be difficult to stay focused on it for a long period of time.  It's even more difficult to dedicate time every day to a task/hobby.  Well, a South African creative by the name of Ross Symons doesn't seem to have this issue. He has been dedicated to making a tiny origami piece every single day.  His Instagram account @white_onrice is flooded with colorful pictures of his tiny origami. From birds to flowers, to penguins and planes, the amount of different types of miniature origami pieces he's made seems endless. He cleverly places the tiny origami next to life-sized objects to show their real sizes. Check out some of the pieces below and make sure to stay in tune with his Instagram page for more.