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This Artist Makes Upcycled Art from Amazon Boxes

14 Nov, 2019

This Artist Makes Upcycled Art from Amazon Boxes

 cardboard art


  Recycling used materials and transforming them into something new isn't a new concept. In fact, recycling them and creating works of art is also something that we've seen before; it's usually referred to as upcycled art.  It takes a skilled and creative person to transform something unwanted into an impressive work of art.  Monomi Ohno is one of these talented artists; she takes used amazon boxes from packages and transforms them into pieces of art. Her Instagram page has accumulated over 17 thousand followers, all coming to see her masterpieces made from cardboard boxes.  She's made everything from cars and motorcycles to robots and dinosaurs.  The level of detail is impressive in all of her works.  Although she doesn't outline the process that goes into creating her pieces, you can definitely tell it takes a great deal of time and effort.  The self-proclaimed "Cardboard Artist" is a living example of how amazing upcycled artistry can be.  Head over to her Instagram page HERE to see more examples of her art!


cardboard mcdonalds big mac

cardboard gun cardboard money

cardboard back to future car

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