May 18, 2018

This Airline adds Guided In-Flight Meditation


 qantas in-flight meditation


 Flying can be a stressful experience.  Between figuring out what you can or can't bring on the plane, to TSA lines, to getting comfortable in your seat, there are a lot of factors that can induce some stress on the average person.  In addition, many people experience anxiety when it comes to flying, and who can blame them when you're over 30,000 feet in the air with a stranger in the cockpit.  Qantas Airlines is an Australian Airline that understands these stresses and anxieties and aims to quiet the mind.  They have developed a series of 10-minute in-flight meditation videos with 360 degree Virtual Reality versions as well.  You can choose 5 different types of sceneries from around the country for your meditation session. It would be nice if more flights implement this and would be interesting to see how it effects overall in-flight incidents etc.  Check out an example of the guided meditations from Qantas below.