January 30, 2017

These Eco Bags are Biodegradable, Edible, and even Drinkable!



 Awareness of plastic bag waste has increased as of lately. In fact, a few states in America have banned or put some sort of legal regulations on the usage of plastic bags.  But it's not just the United States who is aware of this global issue of plastic bag waste. One company from Bali, called "Avani", is working hard to combat plastic bag waste.  They have created a biodegradable plastic bag that is 100% Earth Friendly. The bags are made from cassava root starch and other natural resins. Avani bags not only dissolve in water, but can be eaten or even drank by animals and insects.  Pretty cool right? Well, talk is cheap so Avani has proven that their bags are safe; check out a few videos below showing the bags dissolve and also being consumed by animals.