March 28, 2017

These Nature-Inspired Wind Turbines are Shaped Like Trees



 Wind turbines are designed to harness the energy from winds.  As the wind blows, the propellors spin, and in turn the spin a generator which creates electricity.  One company named "Newwind" is innovating the design of wind turbines to make them more aesthetically pleasing and effective.  Their technology called "Aeroleaf" is described as "A proprietary technology based on microelectricity and a multiplicity of turbines. Its ingenious approach consists of accumulating watts to make up kilowatts."  The multiple turbines generate energy simultaneously and resemble leaves.  They also can spin in both directions so can harness the energy from wind in all 360 degrees.  The whole design of the turbine resembles a giant tree and is specifically designed that way to bring an emotional contribution to an urban landscape.  Check it out in action below, and check out Newwind's website to learn more.