June 12, 2017

These Gloves May Change the Way Music is Made


 Imagine having the power to harness and distort sound right in your hands.  Well Imogen Heap has created a pair of gloves that can do just that.  These highly advanced gloves have different kinds of motion sensors that can detect certain movements of your hand.  In turn, you can control volume, pitch, filters, and distort sounds with your hands.  Imagine being able to put on a whole performance with no instruments, just with musical gloves.  The gloves have been in the works since their debut at TED Global and Wired 2012.  The gloves seem like they still aren't finished, so I'm very excited to see the final version and what will be added.  Watch the video below as Imogen Heap explains the technology and gives a little demo of them in action. 


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