August 15, 2019

These Bluetooth Headphones are Made From Recycled Materials

 house of marley liberate air


 House of Marley is known for making finely crafted speakers, headphones, and other music-related devices. Most of their devices are functional and very chic.  Their Liberate Air headphones are by far their most intriguing product, however. They are wireless Bluetooth headphones that are made from various recycled materials, essentially giving trash a second life. Everything about the Liberate Air is recycled, from the case to the headphones to even the packaging. The top of the case for the headphones has a fabric material covering made from recycled plastic and recycled cotton.  The bottom is made from recycled wood, the clasp is made from recycled aluminum, and inside of the case, there is a bamboo finish on the case and the headphones.  The headphones themselves are made of recycled silicone.  The charger and packaging are also made from recycled materials.  It's clear that House of Marley really took their time to ensure they were creating an extremely sustainable product with the Liberate Air headphones.

The price point of $150 may seem kind of steep for these headphones, but they do boast a very impressive battery life. They have up to 9 hours of listening time on a single charge and 32 hours with the charging case which blows the airpods out the water, which only have 5 hours and 24 hours of playing time respectively.  The headphones are also very sleek and stylish and have excellent noise-canceling abilities.  Watch the video below to learn more about these eco-friendly headphones and head over to House of Marley if you're interested in buying.