August 22, 2019

The World's Largest Rooftop Farm

 brooklyn grange


 In big cities where there are lots of skyscrapers and not much room for farmland, it may seem that farming is out of the question.  That is until you consider rooftop farming.  In NYC alone there is 14,000 acres of unused rooftop space; that amount of space could yield over 280 million pounds of produce yearly.  Brooklyn Grange has recognized this and they built the World's largest rooftop farm.  The farm covers 2.5 acres on 2 different rooftops in NYC. This space allows farmers to harvest a whopping 50,000 pounds of food each year! In addition, they have about 30 honey beehives on rooftops around the city. Brooklyn Grange is paving the way for a more sustainable way to farm in urban areas.  Can you imagine entire cities using rooftops to farm organically!?  It would truly be a sight to see; the birds-eye view would be amazing. Check out the video below to see Brooklyn Grange up-close and personal!