January 21, 2017

The Women's March on Washington goes Global


 Yesterday Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of The United States.  While there was some disputations by those who disapproved, the transition of power went fairly smooth.  Today, thousands upon thousands of Women march on Washington peacefully as a sign of unity, and in support of human and women rights.  It is simply amazing to see this many people gather together peacefully in support of positivity, togetherness, and equality.  Whether or not you agree with Donald Trump being president, one thing is for sure; we as a people need to come together as never before.  We need to stand together to ensure that all individuals are treated fairly and equally.  Today will go down in history as a day of love, peace, and unity.  In fact, marches have spread globally; Paris, Mexico City, London, Berlin, Delhi, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Cape Town, and other cities have come together and brought out their signs and pink hats in solidarity.  Check out some images from today below!