May 15, 2019

The Strange Science of the Impossible Burger

 the impossible burger


 The Impossible Burger is taking over.  It's been introduced at countless restaurants and fast food places and the wave seems to keep getting bigger.  What is it that makes the Impossible Burger so popular though?  Well for one, the plant based burger tastes almost identical to an actual beef burger. In fact, if you compare the Impossible Burger to a veggie burger, the two taste nothing alike.  What gives the burger that beef taste though?  Its Heme.  Heme is an iron containing compound found in myoglobin in beef burgers and gives it that beefy taste.  The fact that the Impossible Burger contains heme is what gives it that beef taste and separates it from other plant-based burgers. How do they do it though?  Watch the video below to see the science of the Impossible Burger!