February 27, 2017

The Ollie Chair: Shape-Shifting Seating


 There are all types of new designs and ideas being brought to kickstarter single day, but some always seem to stand out above the rest.  Since we ran a successful kickstarter campaign, we feel its our duty to share great ideas when we come across them.  The Ollie Chair by Rock Paper Robot is one of these great ideas.  This chair is almost like a modern day version of the classic "folding chair", except this chair is retractable. The chic, weather-resistant Ollie Chair can be used indoors or can be conveniently carried around outdoors. Here's why Rock Paper Robot thinks their folding chair is so unique: 

Folding chairs are often relegated to musty closets and temporary positions. But here at RPR, we think versatility is queen...and that just because a chair can be stored, doesn’t mean it should be hidden or take second seat.

Could this chair be the first chair people will gladly carry around to be used on the train, impromptu events, etc?  Time will tell, but for now if you want one you'll have to head over to their kickstarter page