November 07, 2019

'The Ocean Cleanup' Has Made an Interceptor for Plastic Waste

 ocean clean up interceptor


 After years and years of plastic production, plastic pollution is still an issue.  Plastic waste is still finding its way into our Earth's oceans.  Although there has been more awareness of this issue as of late, the problem persists.  The Ocean Cleanup is one group that is determined to help solve the plastic pollution problem.  The group is made up of a staff of 80 people and was founded in the Netherlands in 2013.  Since then, they have made milestones that are very note-worthy. 

 One of these more recent milestones is the development of their "Interceptor".  Just as its name suggests, the Interceptor's main goal is to intercept plastic waste from rivers before it has the chance to make its way into oceans.  The Interceptor uses the force of a rivers current to its advantage.  As the river pushes plastic waste down the stream, the barrier stops the plastic waste and eventually guides it into a conveyor belt in the Interceptor.  In turn, the plastic waste is collected and never has the chance to reach our oceans.  It would be nice to see The Ocean Clean Up scale up and make a bunch of these for the rivers around the World.  It's sad that devices like this need to be made, but its wonderful that it is being made.  Check out the two videos below that The Ocean Clean Up released to see how the Interceptor was made and how it works!