August 01, 2017

The Mcdonalds Boombox, Made from Recycled Drink Trays


 Not too long ago, McDonalds released a limited edition streetwear line to celebrate its McDelivery roll out.  Well, they are back again with another limited and exclusive release.  This time McDonalds has collaborated with STACKLAB, and the University of Waterloo to create a recycled boombox.  The boombox, which boosts the sound of your phone up to 70.4 decibals, is 100% recycled and made from a drink tray.  Why did McDonalds decide to make this? Well in celebration of the 22nd anniversary of the Mcflurry of course!  A 22nd anniversary may seem like a weird number to celebrate, but at least they are promoting recycling and the art of transforming old items into new ones! Check out the McDonalds boombox below!