December 12, 2018

The Economic Benefits of Hemp

hemp industry

Hemp is one of the most robust plants any nation can use to grow its economy. This plant of wonder is the most versatile plant on planet earth. Hemp maintains its position as the most sought-after plant. The hemp industry has been one of the leading industries in the US. This sustainable plant has thus far been a stronghold for the US economy.

The hemp industry has really taken the US economy forward, and we still look forward to seeing more. Hemp is such a great investment that promises to give an uplift to the US economy more than it's already doing. Hemp has grown to become the most valuable plant as it has been used to generate a variety of products that are essential in everyday life. Hemp has evolved to be a plant of wonder due to its versatility.  It has evolved to generate various products including food, clothing, organic body care, beauty and cosmetics, health, construction materials, plastic composite, biofuels and a host of others.

This highly sustainable plant does better for the world at large than any other plant. The hemp industry has given the United States a good standing in the world's economy. Here are some of the economic benefits the hemp industry has introduced into the US economy;

Hemp Clothing

Hemp clothing has an edge over any other fabric, even cotton. Hemp fabrics are stronger and durable than cotton fabrics. The US hemp industry has succeeded in showing us the need to choose hemp clothing over cotton. 

Hemp clothing provides a great degree of comfortability to its wearer. The fabric is breathable. Hemp generates a porous fabric that allows your skin to breathe. They have moisture-wicking properties. The more you wear them, the longer they last. Hemp clothing remains our favorite. With many innovation and blends, it continues to trend. Hemp has been saving the US economy and world at large through clothing, and it promises to be steadfast with this.

Hemp is a highly sustainable plant that gives off eco-friendly fabrics that are not only beneficial to be economy but also to our health and environment. 

Hemp food

It is highly surprising how one plant can have so many benefits. Hemp oil is rich in essential nutrients, it a rich source of protein, healthy fats (omega-3 and omega-6). It's an excellent substitute for other products. Hemp seed oil is less expensive and easy to extract. It offers more protein than many other oils around.

Hemp oil contains great nutrients that can make an individual healthy and strong. It contains vitamins and minerals that are crucial to having good health. It also contains docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)  that is needed for brain development. DHA is vital to building strong eyes. Hemp oil is recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers for their child's brain and eye development. Using hemp oil on the nails, skin, and hair makes you stay healthy and beautiful.

Body Care products

Hemp oil contains essential vitamins to help your skin glow. It contains vitamin E and can serve as a moisturizer for your skin.

So far,  it has helped many to achieve a vibrant skin. Hemp oil can be used to treat skin diseases. Omega-6 in hemp oil contains gamma-linoleic acid which targets skin diseases like psoriasis, skin inflammation, and irritation. Hemp oil has anti-aging properties; it can help reduce and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. The hemp oil is an important diet everyone should turn to because it's a win-win plant for all times.

Hemp Housing

Hemp has proven to be a great alternative to other construction materials. Hemp based materials are a cheaper alternative to wood. Hemp materials are strong, lighter and of course more durable than wood. One of the benefits of hemp in the construction industry is that it can replace synthetic, petroleum-based and other high energy materials to give a product that is much better for our environment, health and pocket.

Hempcrete is a term for the hemp-lime composite building. It can be used for floors,  walls,  and roof insulation. It has excellent humidity regulation property due to its breathability and moisture emitting properties. It can provide a desirable internal humidity. Hempcrete is a well-sought alternative, it provides insulation and preserves the water permeable nature of a building.

The part of hemp used for building is the wood-like core which is the part used for Hempcrete. The fibrous skin is used for fiber batt insulation, while the hemp seed oil is used for wood finish & deck stain. A cured and finished hempcrete wall shows low toxicity, and vapor permeability to maintain a great deal of air tightness, stabilized thermal mass, and good thermal insulation of a building. Hemp fiber significantly exhibits a high insulation performance.

From many product tests that were carried out, hemp oil deck stain performs better than other high-end products.  It has a  great resistance to weathering, and it contains a very low level of toxic volatile organic compounds which makes it a great alternative to oil-based and synthetic coatings.

Hemp exhibits a combination of properties which makes it a healthy and comfortable building alternative. Hemp is the forbidden plant that has done nothing but good to the US economy. More hemp buildings are coming through because industrial hemp application in the United States is rising fast.

Hemp For Good Health

Hemp oil is a balanced support for the heart. It promotes the health of the cardiovascular system. The essential fats, omega 3 and omega 6 in hemp seed oil have been shown to significantly enhance the health of the heart. These nutrients also have a great factor to play in preventing neurodegenerative diseases.

Hemp seed oil is rich in gamma-linolic acid (omega 6 fatty acid). Thus it is helpful in treating cramps and pain during period days. Hemp oil is s great treasure for women; it helps to prevent or reduce to the barest minimum any pain associated with menstruation. It is the ultimate cure to ease premenstrual syndrome.

Pregnant or expectant mothers are advised to keep hemp oil as their favorite supplement. It is suitable for both mother and child. Pregnant women should choose hemp oil a million times over fish oil. Fish oil is a supplement rich in omega-3 fatty acid which is of course very good for the body system, but it contains mercury enough to tamper with the neurological development of the fetus. Hemp oil, on the other hand, is safe as you don't have to worry about the risk of mercury ingestion 

The Future Of  Hemp industry In The US Economy

Hemp has been of great help to the economy, and there is no talk about it stopping soon. However, the US can walk into the future embracing the sustainable agricultural practices of this plant. Hemp cultivation can give major positive ecological and economic benefits. We are hoping for an absolute transition into renewable and sustainable hemp products.