October 04, 2017

Target Adds, Then Removes CBD Oils from Online Shop



 CBD oil is the compound extracted from Cannabis that is non-psychoactive.  It has been shown to balance out the effects of THC.  In addition, it is said to have medical benefits such as anti-inflammatory properties and even the ability to stop seizures.  The fact that CBD's can't get you high have many people jumping on the craze, even in the retail space. Target, a huge retailer, even added CBD oils to their website the end of September, but quickly took them down.  Although it is not known why they took them off so quickly, it could be because at this point the lines are still blurred with CBD's. In fact, CBD's are still not considered legal in all 50 states.  THC is to marijuana as CBD is to hemp.  Let's reverse the stigma of hemp as well as CBD, so that people can understand it's useful properties.