July 26, 2017

Take a Seat Anywhere with This Wearable Chair


 A "chair-less chair" is probably a concept that you have never heard of or seen.  However, this new concept is a reality.  Noonee is a company that has invented the chair-less chair which essentially gets strapped to the back of your legs and can turn into a seat for you at the snap of a finger.  The sleek design allows you to be very mobile while being able to switch from walking to standing to sitting in a breeze.  What makes the chair-less chair so innovative is that it also adjusts to different shoes and body types as well, making it perfect for the industrial work place.  In a constantly moving environment, the chair-less chair could prove to increase productivity, as an individual wouldn't need to search for a chair when needed.  Check out the video below to get an inside look at this clever invention.


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