January 17, 2019

t.souls- The Most Comfortable Travel Shoes

 t.souls have created a high quality shoe with a new approach to comfort and style.  For the travel and fashion devotees who are committed to comfortable walking while being stylish and changeable. t.soul shoes are high quality, earth friendly and recyclable. From start to finish, they chose to work with natural materials, free of toxins and chemicals. Their 3RE Recycling program makes sure this happens when you send your old shoes back to them.
REturn - REcycle - RElive
With their AD4BS (attention deficit 4 bullshit) style of doing business, they made sure that all their factories practice responsible manufacturing.  But wait!  the best part … the cork footwear industry not only nurtures sustainable cork forests and their ecosystems, but also, puts out so little pollution that bird nests are thriving around the perimeter of the factory.
Their attachable tops concept allows for you to have many different looks with just one shoe.  Minimizing the amount of shoes needed for many outfits.  Oh, and the storage space in your closet will be very happy to get extra room not taken up by tons of unworn shoes. t.souls are all about scaling down, living clean, and walking in shoes that support your comfort needs and having a really good time doing it.
The team at t.souls are determined to make this happen which is why they are appealing to the amazing Kickstarter community to help bring this vision to all souls.
Get your  t.souls by backing and making a positive step in the direction of less waste, more fun, comfort and relaxed style.
They've already created the molds and are ready to manufacture and produce this lifestyle-changing product for you. Help make this first run of t.souls happen.
Support now, so your soles will be wearing t.souls in the spring, summer & fall and all seasons yet to come.
Head over to their campaign HERE for your pair!