March 29, 2017

Sustainable Business: Heal Estate’s Purpose-Driven Mandate Aligns with Sustainable Development


Sustainable Business: Heal Estate’s Purpose-Driven Mandate Aligns with Sustainable Development

 Heal Estate, you may ask? What is it? Heal Estate is a purpose-driven online sustainable business whose mandate is giving back to the global community. We connect people all over the world to sustainable products and services they can trust, and impart valuable content information about green lifestyle innovation and current trends.

Heal Estate is passionate about greening the globe to further the progress of sustainable business development in all areas of living. We care deeply about the challenges of underdeveloped nations, and want to make a difference in people’s lives. Heal Estate gives a percentage of all profits to our favorite philanthropic causes, like helping people put food on their tables, a roof over their heads and clothing on their backs.

Our goal is to educate indigenous peoples to learn sustainable business skills, farming, construction, crop rotation, clothing manufacturing, creating sources of water and other natural resources they so desperately need. Ironically, they could teach us a thing or two because they have developed many of these skills out of necessity for survival. They don’t use pesticides and so-called “protective chemicals” to preserve things like we do, and are far more adaptable and resourceful than more sophisticated societies.

Heal Estate advocates two important sustainable business principles:

  • Business must contribute to society and the environment.
  • Every investment a company makes should return value to the business.

We believe businesses should provide value to society above and beyond a financial return to investors, and that successful organizations take a holistic approach to how they define value, seeking ‘shared value’ between profit and wider society. Heal Estate recognizes that by focusing on what we do inside our sustainable business, to exploring how we can be more sustainable across all aspects of our value chain, we are not only more resourceful, but the ultimate return is much greater. These implementations to our sustainable business have driven us, informed us and challenged us.

The United Nations Global Impact: Sustainable Development Goals states:


 “The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a unique and universal roadmap for global development. As companies grapple with a disruptive, rapidly-evolving environment for business, CEOs see the global goals as a guiding light in shaping their action on sustainability: 70% see the SDGs providing business with a clear framework to structure sustainability efforts.

This year’s CEO Study demonstrates that business leaders are ready to accept a mandate to act on global development, reorienting their companies to create not only value for shareholders, but for society at large. The goals present new challenges for innovation and growth in new markets, turning the world’s greatest challenges into opportunities.”

This is a remarkable accomplishment for sustainable businesses who align their values with their actions, and thereby support the goals of Heal Estate. Companies like Coca Cola (surprise!), Nike, Kellogg and even Walmart are making significant changes in the way they do business. Since the sustainable business development movement is so global, trendy, impactful, empowering and in the long run, economical, it’s no wonder companies are jumping onto the sustainability train.

Heal Estate offers insights and information about how to build an eco-home, eco-community (there are many sprouting up globally), how to buy an eco-car, appliances, lighting, bathrooms, kitchens, patios, edible gardens and more. Our purpose is to inspire the global community to learn self-sustaining ways in which to live. Our goal is to impart awareness of our urgent need to safeguard our earth, habitats, rainforests, natural reserves and parks, indigenous peoples, and our global partnerships. This can only be achieved by taking sustainable action in our own lives – each of us at a time, and by participating in communities like Heal Estate, whose mandate is worldwide sustainability.

Heal Estate takes great pride in the fact that we are organically, ethically, and socially responsibility-conscious and that our values lie in preserving the future of our planet, our children and future generations.

For more information, go to and learn how to create your own sustainable home or living community. Join us and contribute your part to our goals for global sustainability.