June 10, 2019

Superego x 9 Supply Co. "Community Dreams" Capsule

 community dreams


 They say it takes a village to raise a child, well it also takes a community to actualize a dream.  Our community helps define who we are and our dreams embody what we would like to see for ourselves and our community. The Superego x 9 Supply Co. “Community Dreams” capsule is deeper than a fashion collaboration.  It arose from friendship bonds that developed into working relationships. Seeing that there were synergies in both brands mission statements, the two companies decided that a collaboration would be a no brainer.

The goal behind the “Community Dreams” capsule is to encourage and empower people to build and sustain bonds in their life. To bring together different audiences, empowering people that without unity there is no community.  We also want to encourage people to understand the importance of nurturing and maintaining genuine authentic friendships/bonds that will last a lifetime. It is these bonds within our community that help us reach our dreams.

The 3 staple designs of the capsule embody both elements of the brand.  All designs are featured on Superego’s 60% hemp and 40% organic cotton t-shirts.  The Go Green Triangles Tee features the signature 9 Supply Co triangles that stand for Love, Power, Faith, and Success.  For this design, the triangles are all green to signify sustainability. All the designs from this collaboration capsule are made on our 60% Hemp & 40% Organic Cotton tees. It was exciting to see the triangles "Go Green" for this exclusive collaboration! The Logo Crest Tee is the signature tee for the capsule.  It features a combination of 9 Roman Numeral and the Superego Circle logo which is a symbol for sustainability. The emblem is placed on the left chest of the tee. The Community Dreams tee is a colorful representation of what it means to come together.  Just like a community is bright, diverse, and full of life, the community dreams tee is blooming with color.  Head over to our shop now to get your limited edition tee today!

go green triangles

logo crest tee

community dreams shirt