April 18, 2017

Street Artist Nikita Golubev Does 'Dirty Art'


 Nikita Golubev is a Moscow-based artist who signs by the name ProBoyNick.  Recently he's been signing on a unique type of canvas.  He has used dirty cars as canvases for his work.  The "dirty art" he's been doing can also be known as "reverse graffiti". The process involves finding a dirty truck or car and then delicately removing dirt to etch artistic images.  The majority of the images that ProbBoyNick have been making with his reverse graffiti are animals. He has a unique way of removing the dirt to give the images on the side of the vehicles a sense of depth and realism.  These temporary masterpieces must cause an interesting reaction when the driver returns to their vehicle.  Check out some of the pieces below!